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Bendideia Publishing is a small publishing company that works in partnership with Goylake Publishing to promote and assist indie authors in new ways. Some of these current projects include:

  • Mom’s Favorite Reads – an international community of readers, writers, teachers, librarians and book lovers established to encourage reading amongst adults and children.
  • The Fussy Librarian – book promoter:
    Goylake Publishing has teamed-up with the Fussy Librarian and in partnership they are offering you 20% off your first book promotion with the Fussy Librarian. To qualify for this promotion, your book must be either permafree or listed free during a special offer. Use code goylake20 at checkout to claim your 20% discount.

Many more projects are in the works and will be listed here as soon as they are ready to be made public.

We also are associated with the following groups:

  • IASD LogoIndie Author Support & Discussion:  We strive to read, review, interact, discuss, support and promote as a team, but with integrity.
    We are international and have a wide range of skills regarding the craft of writing. In our ranks, we have members with valuable experience of; creative writing in all its formats, editing, proof-reading, cover design, self-publishing, paperback publishing, website maintenance, blogging and a few more areas besides.
    No, we may not be experts, however when we pull together and pool our ideas – we are strong, and our strength is borne of a desire to share with and provide mutual support amongst our peers.