Lucinda E Clarke

Bendideia Publishing welcomes Lucinda E Clarke today, and she’ll talk a bit about her award-winning Amie in Africa series.

  • Amie African Adventure
  • Amie and the Child of Africa
  • Amie Stolen Future
  • Amie Cut for Life
  • Amie Savage Safari

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Who Is Amie

About the Books

Location: The stories are all set in the mythical country of Togodo, a cross between Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and South Africa. I also include a visit to Zimbabwe and to Durban where I lived for many years.

Genre: Adventure / thriller

Audience: Suitable for teens onwards, very little swearing or sex. I’d be happy for my grandchildren to read them.

Time period: set in the 1990s through to modern day.



Tell us a little about Amie African Adventure.

After I wrote my personal autobiography where all the facts were in place, I stepped out of my comfort zone and wondered if I could write a full-length novel. Amie was the result and there are now five books in the series. It is loosely based on my own experience as a young married woman from Europe going to live in Africa. I remember the shock, the horror, the amazement and I wanted to share these feelings with readers. I can’t say I experienced all the traumas I put Amie through, I’ve not been that kind to her.

What is your passion about this country? Why did you choose it for your setting?

I arrived in Africa in 1974 as a young teacher, and I finally left in 2008 having set up and run my own video production house making videos, films and advert for government, conferences, television and corporate clients. Living in Africa allowed me to realize the dream I had from childhood, to write and work in the media. Long hours, exhausting schedules but I loved every moment of it and was heartbroken to return to Europe. The crime was getting bad, an Africanization policy cut my work, our children had all left and it was time to leave. I still miss the wide-open spaces, the feeling of being alert 24/7, the feeling of the drumbeats beneath the soles of your feet. Sounds ridiculous but they say “While you may leave Africa, Africa will never leave you.”  It seeps into your soul like no other country I have visited.

Is this the country you were born in? If not, have you ever lived there?

I was born in Ireland and I have lived in 8 countries. I was in Africa for 35 years in total.

Tell us about an experience you’ve had while in this country.

Perhaps the most memorable was broadcasting live on radio with a bayonet at my throat after an attack had been made on Colonel Ghaddafi when he visited Benghazi. I was so scared the sweat poured off my face and made my notes all soggy. I was not amused when listeners remarked I’d not sounded my normal chirpy self on air that night. But I survived.

What will readers discover about this country when they read your book?

If readers take anything from my books it’s that understanding of different cultures leads to cooperation and friendship. It is nothing to do with the colour of a person’s skin but the mindset and culture. For example, the West was very keen to introduce democracy to Africa but it is not in their history, which is paternalism based on tribalism and dynastic chiefdoms. Not everything that has been foisted on them is necessarily a good thing.

What other books have you written?

The first books I wrote were for the Big 5 – a text book and a story reader. My latest book A Year in the Life of Leah Brand is set in England and features a middle-aged housewife who is driven to the edge of insanity. I have to check out modern day England as I’ve not lived there for almost 50 years! All the rest are set in Africa – they say ‘write what you know’.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your books?

The first Amie book starts off quite slowly as I set the scene. Half way through the pace ramps up and the story races from there on. It’s best to read them in the right order but they are stand alone. A few readers have said they think Amie is a bit of a wuss, but landing in a new country which looks a little similar on the surface, to discover the frightening hidden depths of a totally different culture take courage and perseverance. She arrives as a timid housewife and becomes a (reluctant) trained assassin.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself?

I’ve had an amazing and eventful life I’ve been so lucky. I have lived and hopefully at the end I will not be saying ‘if only I had’. I’ve two more ambitions – to be a NYT or similar bestseller and to be included in a book of quotations – they can choose any of my wise and witty sayings 😊


What People Are Saying about Amie…

Amie Series

Wow, when I started reading this today, I had no idea it was going to consume my every free moment.

As soon as I picked up AMIE, I could discern two things: Lucinda Clarke was a talented author and she obviously lived abroad at one time or another. This was a fascinating read that I had trouble putting down. Ms. Clarke’s writing has an authenticity not often found.

This is a great story; one well worth reading even if you’ve never been to Africa, and it is one that should be widely lauded.

It was another quick, easy, action-packed start. I was soon likening Lucinda to ‘sort of like a female Wilbur Smith’!




51xr1Y8zEtL5 star Readers’ Favorite
2016 Readers’ Favorite silver medal in Inspirational
2017 IAN Awards Finalist in First Non fiction
2017 Literary Titan Book Gold Award



51-ano4yifl5 star Readers’ Favorite
2017 IAN Awards Finalist in Literary Fiction
2017 Book Excellence Awards Finalist in Adventure
2017 Literary Titan Book Awards Gold Award December
2016 Pinnacle Book Awards Winner in Adventure
2016 Global Ebook Awards Bronze in Popular Literature
2016 Readers’ Favorite Awards Honorable Mention in Fiction Action
2015 #17 in Read Freely 50 Best books of 2015




2018 Wishing Shelf Red Ribbon Award
2018 Global eBook Silver medal
2018 Readers’ Favorite Gold medal (Adventure)




5 star Readers’ Favorite
2017 New Apple Book Awards: Action / Adventure Solo Medalist
2017 #45 in Read Freely 50 Best books of 2015
2018 Gold medal eLit Book Awards (popular fiction)
2019 Kindle Book Awards semi finalist
2018 Readers’ Favorite Silver medal (thriller/terrorist)




2019 Silver medal eLit Book Awards
2019 Gold medal Readers’ Favorite Awards






5 star Readers’ Favorite
2017 New Apple Book Awards: Humor Solo Medalist



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  2. I really enjoyed this interview with Lucinda. I hadn’t realised she’d spent 35 years in Africa. I haven’t read all the series – yet. I’m getting there and love the atmospheric settings.

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