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Brendan Noble

Brendan Noble is a Polish and German-American author currently writing fantasy inspired by Slavic mythology: The Frostmarked Chronicles. Through these books and his “Slavic Saturday” post series on YouTube and his website, he hopes to bring the often-forgotten stories of eastern Europe into new light. Shortly after beginning his writing career in 2019 with the … Continue reading Brendan Noble


Creating Tales from Silver and Gold

Valentin Yotkov has been recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in the ancient metal techniques of Chasing and Repousse. He has devoted his life and artistic career to reviving these techniques in art metal. Chasing/Repousse is an ancient metal-smithing technique of sculpting intricate relief ornaments directly on metal, mostly gold, silver and copper. … Continue reading Creating Tales from Silver and Gold

Leonora Meriel

Leonora Meriel is the author of The Unity Game (published May 2017, Granite Cloud) called an “ambitious and thought-provoking novel” by Kirkus Reviews. Her debut novel The Woman Behind the Waterfall (October 2016) was hailed as “strange and beautiful” by writer Esther Freud, “a literary work of art” by Richmond Magazine and “an intoxicating world” … Continue reading Leonora Meriel

Pamela Allegretto

Pamela Allegretto Franz studied art and Italian at L’Università Per Gli Stranieri in Florence, Italy. To finance her education, her job résumé was as colorful as the Renaissance city itself. She shivered as an artist’s model and sang the blues in catacomb nightclubs. She worked as an interpreter/translator for a textile company and hawked leather … Continue reading Pamela Allegretto

Damyanti Biswas

Damyanti Biswas lives in Singapore, and supports Delhi’s underprivileged women and children, volunteering with organisations who work for this cause. Her short stories have been published in magazines in the US, UK, and Asia, and she helps edit the Forge Literary Magazine. She was recently awarded The Fay Khoo Award in Penang, Malaysia. You can … Continue reading Damyanti Biswas